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Re: TEAMate Web/BBS Server for Linux

Subject: Re: TEAMate Web/BBS Server for Linux
From: Ralf Baechle <ralf@Julia.DE>
Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 17:52:50 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <> from "" at May 8, 96 10:42:20 pm
> MMB TEAMate Newsletter -  May 7, 1996
> TEAMate is the only server product for UNIX that
> combines both a Web and BBS interface in a single
> product.  Users may access a TEAMate server with the
> Web browser of their choice, a session based GUI client
> for Windows or Mac, a VT100 terminal or even by
> sending a mail message with an included query.  All
> information is dynamically indexed for immediate
> retrieval and the server generates HTML so you dont
> have to.
> Since TEAMate also works with our proprietary, session
> based client, you can provide your users with a client
> program customized exactly to your specifications, with
> your logo, look and feel, etc., that will operate across the
> Internet via TCP/IP or even over normal dial up service
> without a TCP/IP connection.  You receive an unlimited
> distribution license for our client when you license the
> server.
> Visit our site to run TEAMate and to get the latest at
> Internet World 96 Show
> This was a great show!  Everyone who was anyone in the
> Internet world was there.  Our booth was in a great
> location and we got over 1000 entries in our contest (see
> below).  The show was so big that the exhibition
> company set up a tent to house extra exhibits.  The bad
> news was that the weather in San Jose was unseasonable
> (warm) and the temperature in the tent was over 100.
> The show next year will be in Los Angeles at the LA
> Convention Center.
> We showed our test version of our Java client for
> TEAMate and the response was excellent.  A number of
> people commented that it was one of the few Java
> applications that really did something.  Well have it on
> our Web Site soon.  We expect a production release of
> our Java client during the summer.
> Linux $495
> We believe that UNIX is a much stronger platform for
> commercial applications than NT and to show our
> continued support for UNIX as a platform at the show we
> announced that we would be supporting the Linux
> version of UNIX with a special price of $495.  This
> includes ALL of the TEAMate modules and an unlimited
> user license.  A maintenance and support contract is
> available for $495 per year.  We hope that by supporting
> this free version of UNIX we will increase the overall use
> of UNIX and promote UNIX as the best platform for
> multi-user applications.  We will begin shipping the
> Linux version of TEAMate in June.
> Netscape Server TEAMate Plug-In
> We are now testing the next release of TEAMate that will
> run as a server plug-in to a Netscape server.  All of the
> features of TEAMate will be available including access
> via our customizable GUI client for Windows and
> Macintosh.  If youre already a Netscape server user, you
> should take a look at this plug-in to add forums,
> classified ads, reference libraries, event calendars, user
> authoring and much more to your existing server.  Try
> TEAMate out at
> TEAMate Phrase Search & User Defined Fields
> The latest release adds a flexible phrase search to the
> TEAMate search.  In addition this release supports user
> defined fields.  This means that if you need to define an
> additional field to be associated with an entry, you can
> easily do so.  A good example of this would be a
> classified ad where you needed to add a field for the price
> of the item.  With the new capability you can add the
> numeric field for price and your users will be able to
> search from a certain price to a certain price to locate
> exactly the information they need.  This capability is
> integral to TEAMate and does not require any add-on
> software.
> Sierra Solutions E-mail Product
> You may have noticed that we are now answering our
> phones MMB Sierra.  This is because we have joined
> with Sierra Solutions to help them with the marketing
> and distribution of their MailRoom product.  MailRoom
> is a complete off-line electronic mail product that works
> with MCI mail.  Sierra is also testing a new version that
> will work with Internet mail via a POP-3 server.  You
> can get a complete working copy of their software from
> their Web site at
> Contest Winners
> As many of you know we held a contest in conjunction
> with the Internet World show in San Jose.  The first
> prize, a complete TEAMate system for the computer of
> their choice was won by Bob Britt of United Press
> International.  The Eddie Bauer duffel bag was won by
> Dale Rickman of Hughes Aircraft.
> Training Class
> Our next one week training class is scheduled for July
> 15th.  The cost is $1800.  Please call Aisling or Lisa at
> (800) 832-6022 for reservations.
> Demo Site Access
> You can access our demonstration site in a variety of
> ways.   With a Web browser you can go to
>  You can retrieve a copy of our GUI
> client software from our FTP site (use the login of
> anonymous).  You can telnet to and
> use the login name of public.  You can send an e-mail
> message to  You can use a Gopher
> client to  If you have a PC with a
> terminal program such as Procomm you can call (310)
> 318-5302.  Use VT100 emulation and when prompted for
> a login use public.
> Our site is a complete functioning version of our software
> and includes as content, complete information about our
> products.  You can prototype your own information right
> on our demo site.
> MMB Development Corporation Contact Information
> We are located in Manhattan Beach, California.  Our
> address is 904 Manhattan Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA
> 90266.  Our phone numbers are (800) 832-6022 or (310)
> 318-1322.  Our fax number is (310) 318-2162.  Our e-
> mail address is
>           "TEAMate Software to Help People Work Together"     
> MMB Development Corporation           MOSAIC URL:
> 904 Manhattan Ave.                    TELNET (login: public)
> Manhattan Beach, CA  90266            GOPHER     
> (800) 832-6022 or (310) 318-1322      DIALUP (310) 318-5302 (login: public)
> FAX: (310) 318-2162                   EMAIL QUERY

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