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Re: m700-10 success

Subject: Re: m700-10 success
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 17:19:17 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Warner Losh" at May 9, 96 08:36:44 am

> : Interesting! I didn't know it could be done in user mode for MIPS, I 
> thought 
> : it had to be done no later than during boot (I seem to remember a pin on 
> the 
> : chip for this?).
> That's why Ralf keeps talking about the bi-endian kernel.  There is a
> bit in the PSW that says "I'm running in the opposite byte order now"
> that just needs to be toggled, and a few other kernel<-> changes.
> Well, and some library changes (htons is a noop on BE, but requires
> code on LE).  You wouldn't believe the bugs you get when you are
> running in one endian and using numbers from the other endian once in
> a while...

GNU libc is _very_ in clean with respect to byte order problems.  I found
a single byte order problem yet which was crosscompiling related.  If
you tried to compile the lib for a big endian machine the crosscompiler
host's byteorder was actually used which of course fails on a Intel box ...

The big problem is in the kernel.


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