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Re: m700-10 success

Subject: Re: m700-10 success
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Wed, 08 May 1996 08:31:11 -0600
In-reply-to: Your message of Wed, 08 May 1996 06:17:06 +0200
: Well, distributions are a special thing with Linux/MIPS anyway.  We're about
: to endup with two complete binary trees - one little and one big endian
: tree.  I think this might be a real problem with some FTP servers mirroring
: Linux/MIPS.  Two complete packages for one not that popular architecture
: could affect the spreading negativly.  Being little endian many of use
: don't have the advantage of conforming to the ABI, exchanging binaries gets
: difficult.

Maybe, maybe not.  I think that it will really be a drop in the bucket
for most FTP sites.  If we have to go through a while with having dual
byte gendered binaries, I think that is reasonable.

: For this reasons I'm really thinking hard about making a bi-endian kernel.
: This is however Pandora's box and I'd like to keep it closed ...  Some time
: ago I've already done some successfull experiments with big endian usercode
: on my Acer.  This however was a tiny program; real world apps would
: require us to change large parts of the kernel.  In particular ioctl's
: will be fun.  The only thing that accounts positivly for us is that
: enforced by Intel's "maladia segmenti"  almost every useraccess goes through
: get_user() and put_user() which'd be very usefull hooks for making Linux
: bi-endian.
: So there is a decission we have to make.

I'd vote a little bit for stability.  If this sort of change can be
made such that it doesn't break anything that is already working,
great.  It sounds somewhat largish to me, with some sort of special
code needed for the driver's ioctl routines in every driver, which
doesn't sound happy to me.

I know that interrupts on the Deskstation and such broke when I
upgraded from 1.3.62 to 1.3.96, so I'm a little gun shy from that
still.  I've just now got back to the point I can start to walk
forward in the releases to see which one might have caused the
problem.  So this colors my perspective a little.

Since I now have a hard disk that I can install from my intel box,
I'd love to have something more up to date than root-0.1.  I'd be
happy to help build this if that would help...


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