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Re: The great namespace debate (was NAPS in DECStation)

Subject: Re: The great namespace debate (was NAPS in DECStation)
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Tue, 7 May 1996 21:34:50 +1000 (EST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Systemkennung Linux" at May 6, 96 04:13:08 pm
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Hi folks,

Ralf wrote:

> Well, so I herewith declare the discussion about the directory structure
> to be opened.  How about organizing the tree as follows:
>    arch/mips/kernel           generic part of the kernel.
>    arch/mips/lib
>    arch/mips/mm
>    arch/mips/mips1            ISA dependent code
>    arch/mips/mips2
>    arch/mips/mips3
>    arch/mips/mips4
>    arch/mips/decstation
>    arch/mips/decstation/boot
>    arch/mips/decstation/mips1 machine and cpu specific code
>    arch/mips/decstation/mips3
>    arch/mips/deskstation
>    arch/mips/magnum
>    arch/mips/magnum/boot
>    arch/mips/magnum/mips1     special magnum & cpu specific code
>    arch/mips/magnum/mips3     
> As you see there are two levels of directories with CPU specific code.  We
> might search them via VPATH in Makefiles;  code in the machine & model
> specific dirs will be found first and therefore has higher precedence than
> the generic code.
> Opinions?

Hmmm... I hope we don't need another level to the hierarchy...<sigh>



...I'm not sure but my brain isn't functioning well enough to say
specifically why... and it therefore may be the completely unnecessary
fabrication of a tired mind.

> I'd like to burry the feature structure.  The structure is already almost
> one screen page of code and it will get at least three or four times as
> big; there will also be aditional CPU dependencies and submodel dependencies.
> We should go back to plain and boring variables pointing to function or so.
> Given a reasonable organisation this will be better managable than that
> stoneage time 68k-ism struct feature.

O.K.   I can live with that :-)

> > as the new config code is now in C rather than assembler. <yay!>
> Yes, we're getting ol'...

Hmmpfhhh... speak for yourself! <the joke is that I'm older than Ralf :->

Call me old if you wish - I just feel it's silly to code in assembler 
just for the pain of it... :-)

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