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Re: MILO on NEC RISCstation 2200

Subject: Re: MILO on NEC RISCstation 2200
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Mon, 06 May 1996 21:57:58 -0600
In-reply-to: Your message of Tue, 07 May 1996 01:05:10 +0200
: You think this is *big*?  I've already stripped all local symbols out of
: the archive.  Otherwise libc.a would be far bigger.

I was thinking more in terms of how many forks/execs of gcc you'd need
to run thought, and the amount of the memory that they used might even
push you into swapping.

: Indeed my system is relativly useable now.  Crash reason #1 during the
: last time was my IDE disk, which I already had thrown away because of
: too many read errors ...  I just had digged it out again because I don't
: own no other IDE disk. The whole thing is however still not 100%
: reliable.  The stupid thing with the remaining bugs that crash the kernel
: is, that they rarely leave a useable information for debugging - but I'm
: working on 'em.

Gotta get one of them there SCSI drives :-).  What's an IDE drive
doing on that fast MIPS box :-)  I recently scammed the use of a 320M
hard drive, but haven't put anything on it yet....


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