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Linux-mips on R3000

Subject: Linux-mips on R3000
From: Didier Frick <>
Date: Mon, 6 May 1996 01:16:16 +0200
I'm currently considering using Linux-mips on an embedded system based
on a R3000-compatible CPU. (IDT R3052E)

I have read the FAQ, and I still have some questions:

- The target hardware design relies on the fact that the CPU is in
big-endian mode. The FAQ says that in this case "all kernel endian dependencies
must be removed." Are there many such dependencies ? With the size of the 
I guess that's hard to say. I understand there's a port of Linux to the 68000, 
is big-endian. Does it run into the problem ?

- If I need only serial, timer and ramdisk drivers (loading software
from ROM), what are the chances that the kernel in its current state would 
correctly in this environment ?

- By the way, the serial port would be used as a console. The current console 
is heavily hardware dependent, assuming the use of a PC display adapter.
Is a serial console hack available somewhere ? 

- Once (and if) this basic configuration is up and running, drivers for 
hardware interfaces could be developed as kernel modules.

If there is a chance to get the system running on this particular target, maybe 
could attempt to do the job.

Thanks for any feedback,


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