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Linux/MIPS compiling question

Subject: Linux/MIPS compiling question
From: Steph Hannon <hannon@Crissy.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Thu, 2 May 96 1:44:58 PDT
Hi all.

I am a little confused about the cross development tools available for 

Given that it can be compiled into four different formats (a.out, ELF/
big, little endian) are there different versions of gcc/bin utilities 
necessary for different outputs?

When I retrieved gcc/bin utilities from,
I got a mips-linux-gcc executable.  But I want to compile my code for
little endian and it seems to be looking for a mipsel-linux-gcc executable.

The FAQ says "The current version are gcc 2.7.2 and binutils 2.6.
There are patches required to both of these packages in the "src"
subdirectory in the above locations."  I am not sure if the versions of
gcc and binutils I pulled off that site are already patched or if I need to do 
some more work

I am sure this is probably documented somewhere but I haven't found the place
yet!  Any help would be mighty appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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