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Announcing SGI crossdev tools

Subject: Announcing SGI crossdev tools
From: (Tor Arntsen)
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 12:58:02 +0200
Hi all,

Cross development tools precompiled for SGI are now available on 
in the linux-mips/crossdev/mips-sgi-irix5/ directory.  Big endian and
little endian versions of binutils-2.6 and gcc 2.7.2 are provided, in both
AOUT and ELF versions.  The documentation (man/info pages) is provided as two
separate tar files, one for gcc another one for binutils.  If you already have
e.g. a native gcc and/or binutils installed somewhere you probably don't need

I hope there are no gotchas left (there were a couple to take care of even 
*after* a successful make/make install), however I could do only minimal 
testing of the big endian versions (only built libgcc.a with them). 

The big-endian versions are the mips- files, the little-endian are the
mipsel- files, the aout versions are the -linux files, the elf versions are
the -linuxelf files.  I believe this is the same convention as used for e.g.
the i486-linux tools.
README files are provided.

If someone tries the tools I would appreciate feedback on how well (or not)
they work..


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