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Subject: FYI
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 23:57:29 -0600
OK.  I've found the problem.  Seems like some fool[*] put the
following code into setup.c:
        if (mips_machtype == MACH_DESKSTATION_RPC44)
                memory_start = (unsigned long) KSEG0 + (1 << 20);
                memory_start = (unsigned long) &_end; 
without a sanity check to make sure that &_end was < KSEG0 +
1M. *BLUSH* Fixing this, I'm able to make some progress.

I now get some strange results, likely due to memory being freed or
something.  I don't have the first part of this, but the end goes

keyboard error
[ repeat 24 times ]
keyboard error
keyboard: unrecognized scan code (68) - ignored
While configuring BusLogic Host Adapater at I/O Address 0x330:

Interrupts are not getting through from the Host Adapter to the
BusLogic Driver Interrupt Handler.  The most likely cause is that
either the Host Adapter or Motherboard is configured incorrectly.
Please check the Host Adapter configuration with AutoSCSI or by
examining any dip switch and jumper settings on the Host Adapter, and
verify that no other device is attempting to use the same IRQ
channel.  For PCI Host Adapters, it may also be necessary to
investigate an dmanually set the PCI interrupt assignments and
edge/level interrpt type selection in the BIOS Setup PRogram or with
Motherboard jumpers.

scsi : 0 hosts.
scsi : detected total.
VFS: Insert root floppy and press ENTER

I'm not getting keyboard interrupts, so that's what I'll chase next.
The numlock light test is failing.  And I might have a config problem
with the BusLogic board.  Hey Ralf, what was that routine that you
said you likely broke on me?  I got carried away with the D key in my

However, it is trying to mount a root file system again, despite the
problems it is having.  This is good news.  It is also getting close
to time to generate patches.  I've been busy :-).  This time I've also
been prostrating myself before the church of the daily backup, so I
can go longer w/o sending diffs :-)


[*] Fool is known to be one Mr. "xxx imp fixme" per the comment in the
code :-)

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