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Deskstation ... No Go

Subject: Deskstation ... No Go
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 23:48:13 -0600
Looks like it is dying in free_area_init.  Sometimes in the do
... while loop, other times in the for loop, depending on the debug
hacks that I add:
*(unsigned char *)0xa00a0006 = ' ';
(*(unsigned char *)0xa00a0006)++;

When it makes it to the for loop, it executes about 100ish times and
then hangs.  I have 32M of memory, 31 of which can be used by the
kernel due to the load address.

Anyway, I'm punting for tonight.  If anybody has chased a bug in this
code before and can offer some words of advise, I'd be happy to listen
:-).  Otherwise, I start here tomorrow.


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