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Re: Linux/SGI coming

To: Warner Losh <>
Subject: Re: Linux/SGI coming
From: (Larry McVoy)
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 14:57:58 -0700
: It should be relatively easy for SGI to build a MILO clone for their
: bootroms.  

We've decided to simply give away our stand alone shell.  It has all
the basics in the shell, knows how to read our two file systems (we
may remove XFS support if it turns out to be an issue, XFS is pretty
valuable), we'll add ext2fs support.

We're also looking at giving away our debugging environment.  It's pretty
cool, a low level catch-the-keyboard and do a few things, and a higher
level interface that knows how to call kernel functions.  So most of
the debugging is compiled into the kernel, only the basics are in the
debugger.  I'm not sure if we really want this or if we want to make
Linux support the first tty as a console and do remote gdb.  I'd actually
prefer the gdb style, but the SGI style allows you to debug with only
one machine.

: SMP would be a fun project.  All you need is an SMP MIPS box :-(.

Are you interested in R3K boxes?  I may be able to find those as time
progresses.  **No promises**, demand exceeds supply.

: : The supported machines are the Mips Magnum 4000, Olivetti M700-10 (a OEM
: : Magnum version) and Acer Pica 61, which is a kind of a successor type for
: : the Magnum built by Acer.  All these machines have a similar DMA engine,
: : Floppy, NCR53C94 SCSI and Sonic Ethernet onboard.  This SCSI/Ethernet
: : hardware is currently not supported.  I thought it would be better to
: : use (E)ISA hardware where drivers are very easy to port and to put my
: : time on the other parts of the system.

We'll be helping out with driver sources from an internal, non-AT&T related


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