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Subject: The Linux/MIPS HOWTO
From: Joe <>
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 01:07:08 -0500 (CDT)
Can you give me a little steering help? I,ve read your HOWTO and would like to
try the Slackware distribution on my machine.  

I am trying to install Linux on a MIPS Magnum 4000. I have tried to follow the
instructions in the The Linux/MIPS HOWTO but am getting nowhere. I
downloaded several versions of MILO but am doing something wrong. If I just
use gzip -d milo26-0.gz to extract MILO, it converts it to s single 500K
file and when I copy that to a blank
formatted floppy the Magnum returns "invalid image file"

The HOWTO refers to a "vmlinux" and I can not find that anywhere or refered to
anyplace else.  I am a complete newbe to RISC machines, to UNIX and of course
to Linux. Considerable experience with DOS/Windows.

Can you help steer me towards some help on this?? This machine is "new" in the
sense it has never been activated before or had any os or software installed.
I have a configuration floppy and the PROM initialization seems fine.
Thanks and Best Reguards----       Joe Westenhaver

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