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New kernel patches

Subject: New kernel patches
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 14:02:37 +0200 (MET DST)
Hi all,

it's been quite ago that I've uploaded the last kernel patches.  Now I'm
trying to compensate for this sin ...  As usual you can find the new
kernel patches on  Please
forgive that I didn't upload a full kernel archive - the european
Internet connections are currently slower than 0.1 kb/s.

Some of the noteworthy MIPS specific changes in these kernels are:

  - 64 bit operations can now be used withhin the kernel and the kernel
    is being compiled as MIPS III code.
  - The CPU model specific code has been cleaned up and moved into four
    subdirectories arch/mips/mips[1-4].  As noone of the MIPS hackers has
    MIPS II and MIPS IV machine the code for these CPUs is just a goody I
    supply in the hope it will be usefull for somebody.  The MIPS I code is
    currently under development.
  - All Jazz family machines (Acer PICA, Mips Magnum 4000, Oily M700-10)
    now use the same interrupt/exception handler code.

Have fun,


89b403e6656ebe21fdfb012befef65af  linux-1.3.62-1.3.63.diffs.gz
01d6c22f75930c53bc52a66bdeab20fb  linux-1.3.63-1.3.64.diffs.gz
22969600f804d75690a3b3cc3105256f  linux-1.3.64-1.3.65.diffs.gz
79f8f2404f360b4342b0a16730510ea3  linux-1.3.65-1.3.66.diffs.gz
e4811920c04182c118190f2b2413f730  linux-1.3.66-1.3.67.diffs.gz
121928766aeaec5c0b831e687af8690f  linux-1.3.67-1.3.68.diffs.gz
9631311f0eb3838b682d5f27a2299ac5  linux-1.3.68-1.3.69.diffs.gz
61c75a1d8bfee4a9b3f688f7babb0492  linux-1.3.69-1.3.70.diffs.gz
6ae7fa0c38cd1aa9b0a18e1ca54a8595  linux-1.3.70-1.3.71.diffs.gz
c1d1aeefeb08ab95ac6b8ea963f0e7b6  linux-1.3.71-1.3.72.diffs.gz

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