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Re: sgi crossdev

Subject: Re: sgi crossdev
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996 22:01:06 +0200 (MET DST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Tor Arntsen" at Apr 4, 96 06:21:13 pm

> >> - However, I would like to keep the 'fstrength-reduce' bug fix, now quite
> >>   common I believe.

I tried to reproduce the bug for MIPS but apprently the MIPS port of GCC is
pretty immune to this bug.

> >My published sources already contain a fix for this bug.
> Hm, I didn't find your sources.. I only found the diffs, which does not
> include the fix.  I'm using the following:

Ooops, I was talking about the patch, of course.

> - gcc2.7.2 from
> - plus gcc-2.7.2-1.diffs from
> - plus this patch to loop.c (from amylaar@meolyon.hanse.DE, posted to 
>   gnu.gcc.bug in September, line numbers slightly offset for 2.7.2):
> --- loop.c.orig       Tue Nov 14 14:59:59 1995
> +++ loop.c    Wed Feb 14 19:05:30 1996
> @@ -6190,6 +6190,11 @@
>       {
>         if (invariant_p (arg) == 1)
>           {
> +#if 0       /* Linear transformations of the compared values
> +                are incorrect unless it can be verified that
> +                overflow behaviour stays the same for all possible
> +                values of the loop bound, for all iterations. */
> +
>             /* Look for giv with constant positive mult_val and nonconst
>                add_val. Insert insns to compute new compare value.  */
> @@ -6216,6 +6221,7 @@
>                   if (apply_change_group ())
>                     return 1;
>                 }
> +#endif
>           }
>         /* This code has problems.  Basically, you can't know when
> - binutils-2.6
> - plus binutils-2.6-1.diffs from
> - plus float.h from in usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/*/2.7.2/include/

Btw - the float.h was created on a R3000 RISC/os 4.52 machine.  It's 100%
identical to the one generated on Linux/MIPS.

> >   make install prefix=/tmp/installdir/usr/local
> Right, that saves a lot of work.  I have it done now.  Questions:
> I have the following: 
> ls usr/local/
> bin/              info/             man/              mipsel-linuxelf/
> include/          lib/              mipsel-linux/

I recommend to delete all .a libraries and include/ generated by the binutils
on installation and to cleanup the manpages and info files.  There is lots of
trash in which many GNU programs install but noone uses.  Similar for GCC.
Not installing libbfd.a and header might even prevent some problems - there
might already be another bfd lib and header files for it installed in the same
lib directory if you also installed gcc with the same --prefix for another
target (which was probably your native compiler).

> I have just tar'ed everything into one big tar file (compressed size is
> almost 9MB), which includes binutils-2.6 mipsel-linux and mipsel-linuxelf, 
> gcc 2.7.2 mipsel-linux and mipsel-linuxelf. (I'm not sure if I it would be 
> enough with two versions of binutils and just one GCC, however I'm using 
> two GCCs for my own setup and I know this works so..)

For now we need two versions of both GCC and binutils.  With the elemination of
a.out only ELF will be left over and therefore half that disk waste ...

> - Should I split up this big mips-sgi-irix5.3.tar.gz file into binutils, gcc,
>   mipsel-linux, mipsel-linuxelf, or could I just keep it as it is -- a big,
>   'cd /;zcat file|tar xvf - ' one-go installation thing?

I think it's best to keep one tool and one target flavour in one binary archive.

> - Where should I ftp the file/the files?  I've understood from the mail
>   archive that may not be the right place to ftp to, although 
>   things will/should end up there after a while..

You can either talk to to about making you an account for
uploads on or upload into some incomfing directory on
and sending a mail to Luc and

> >> The easter days (more like a week actually, in Norway) would be perfect 
> >> for 
> >> this, so please somebody let me know if I should go ahead or if I would be 
> >> wasting my time (it's probably better for me to go skiing!)
> >
> >Too bad - not enough snow left for skiing here ...
> Got literally speaking meters of it here!

(Just getting envious ...)


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