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Re: sgi crossdev

Subject: Re: sgi crossdev
From: (Tor Arntsen)
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996 18:21:13 +0200
In-reply-to: Systemkennung Linux <> "Re: sgi crossdev" (Apr 4, 13:59)
On Apr 4, 13:59, Systemkennung Linux wrote:

>/usr/local/ or some package in /opt sound reasonable to me.  The no-root
>access is probably less important since most of the people that do kernel
>hacking are sysadmins anyway ...

Ok, building for /usr/local..

>The bigendian stuff builds but it as long as noone is actually really working
>on with it I think this is just wasted time and disk space.

I'll leave that out then.

>> - However, I would like to keep the 'fstrength-reduce' bug fix, now quite
>>   common I believe.
>My published sources already contain a fix for this bug.

Hm, I didn't find your sources.. I only found the diffs, which does not
include the fix.  I'm using the following:

- gcc2.7.2 from
- plus gcc-2.7.2-1.diffs from
- plus this patch to loop.c (from amylaar@meolyon.hanse.DE, posted to 
  gnu.gcc.bug in September, line numbers slightly offset for 2.7.2):
--- loop.c.orig Tue Nov 14 14:59:59 1995
+++ loop.c      Wed Feb 14 19:05:30 1996
@@ -6190,6 +6190,11 @@
          if (invariant_p (arg) == 1)
+#if 0       /* Linear transformations of the compared values
+                are incorrect unless it can be verified that
+                overflow behaviour stays the same for all possible
+                values of the loop bound, for all iterations. */
              /* Look for giv with constant positive mult_val and nonconst
                 add_val. Insert insns to compute new compare value.  */
@@ -6216,6 +6221,7 @@
                    if (apply_change_group ())
                      return 1;
          /* This code has problems.  Basically, you can't know when

- binutils-2.6
- plus binutils-2.6-1.diffs from
- plus float.h from in usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/*/2.7.2/include/

>   make install prefix=/tmp/installdir/usr/local

Right, that saves a lot of work.  I have it done now.  Questions:
I have the following: 

ls usr/local/
bin/              info/             man/              mipsel-linuxelf/
include/          lib/              mipsel-linux/

I have just tar'ed everything into one big tar file (compressed size is
almost 9MB), which includes binutils-2.6 mipsel-linux and mipsel-linuxelf, 
gcc 2.7.2 mipsel-linux and mipsel-linuxelf. (I'm not sure if I it would be 
enough with two versions of binutils and just one GCC, however I'm using 
two GCCs for my own setup and I know this works so..)

- Should I split up this big mips-sgi-irix5.3.tar.gz file into binutils, gcc,
  mipsel-linux, mipsel-linuxelf, or could I just keep it as it is -- a big,
  'cd /;zcat file|tar xvf - ' one-go installation thing?

- Where should I ftp the file/the files?  I've understood from the mail
  archive that may not be the right place to ftp to, although 
  things will/should end up there after a while..

>> The easter days (more like a week actually, in Norway) would be perfect for 
>> this, so please somebody let me know if I should go ahead or if I would be 
>> wasting my time (it's probably better for me to go skiing!)
>Too bad - not enough snow left for skiing here ...

Got literally speaking meters of it here!


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