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sgi crossdev

Subject: sgi crossdev
From: (Tor Arntsen)
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 1996 14:23:59 +0200
Hi all,

If there's any interest I could prepare and upload SGI/IRIX cross-dev tools 
(gcc, binutils).  But first I need to know a couple of things:

- Should I bother?  (I will have to re-build the tools because I don't 
  currently have them in /usr/local.)
  Or could we just assume that anyone interested in Linux/MIPS who 
  intends to do cross-compiling on the nearest SGI box can easily enough
  whip up the tools him/herself without too much trouble?  (And, unlike most
  of those using a Linux/x86 for cross development, many SGI users certainly 
  wouldn't want a /usr/local setup (say, no root access), and would need to 
  build their tools for their own setup anyway.  Of course the same could be
  said about the SunOS/Solaris tools that already exist on fnet..

- If I do, what would be the preferred layout/content?  Should I do it e.g. 
  the ( crossdev/i486-linux style, with mipsel-linux,
  mipsel-linuxelf directories/tools, or should I just make one big honkin' 
  tar file with ./usr/local/mipsel-linuxelf, ./usr/local/mipsel-linux[aout], 
  ./usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/[..], ./usr/local/bin/[..] etc.
 (I'm not sure if I would want to bother with the bigendian versions at the
  moment, as I won't be able to test them.)
  Is there any chance that in the near future we will have a kernel that 
  can be compiled ELF so I could leave out the aout version?  (however it
  doesn't add much effort to make it as soon as I set up the environment,
  it's mostly a question of how big the tar file gets..)

If there's interest I'll be happy to do it.  To do the build would be a matter
of minutes (make -j and a multi-cpu Challenge helps a lot), but it would 
still take some days though:
- I have to get fresh sources.  My gcc 2.7.2 sources (which I use everywhere 
  here) have been modified so that the (IMO) stupid mis-feature of accepting 
  '//' comments is backed out.  If people start using such comments here at 
  our site (and be sure some of them do!) it crashes with all the other 
  compilers we have here so..
  But there is at least one file in the current Linux/MIPS sources with such
  a comment and I guess it's better to use the 'standard' 2.7.2 for least-
  surprice reasons.
- However, I would like to keep the 'fstrength-reduce' bug fix, now quite
  common I believe.
- I have to set up some hardware (eg. a fresh /usr/local) for this purpose.

The easter days (more like a week actually, in Norway) would be perfect for 
this, so please somebody let me know if I should go ahead or if I would be 
wasting my time (it's probably better for me to go skiing!)


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