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Re: M700-10

Subject: Re: M700-10
From: (Tor Arntsen)
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 00:18:04 +0100
In-reply-to: Stoned Elipot <> "Re: M700-10" (Mar 10, 10:35)
On Mar 10, 10:35, Stoned Elipot wrote:
> is the developper mailing list, I understand from
>your mail that you're willing to help. So I had' on
>it, is it ok ? ;)

Yes, thanks!

>I can provide you the all 4 disk - if  I remember well SD.EXE on the
>fourth one, a 2.88Mo floppy. And regarding configuration for ISA cards
>in a EISA bus, well sure it's better but you don't have to: the config
>software in such cases is there if you're unable to set the correct
>IRQs, IO adresses in order to avoid conflicts with only your skill and
>experience :) 

Ok, that explains why I couldn't read it.. I've got only 1.44 MB drives here.
This floppy says 'ED' instead of 'HD' as the others.  I'll just try to 
borrow a 2.88MB drive in case I need that utility.  

Now the first problem..

I have set up my cross-development environment on an SGI Challenge.
I'm using gcc 2.7.2, binutils 2.6, all set up for mipsel-linuxelf, 
corresponding patches applied.
I have also grabbed and installed the mipsel-linuxelf version of libc-951212,
and linux-1.3.62.tar.gz (all from
This went mostly without problems, although IRIX has some annoying limits
w.r.t. the size of commands arg list etc.  Had to modify the .hdepend target 
in the main Makefile because of this.

The problem I ran into during the kernel build is that gas chokes with the 
following message:

magnum4000.S: Assembler messages:
magnum4000.S:30: Error: Can not represent relocation in this object file format

The line in question is
                 * Get pending interrupts
                mfc0    t0,CP0_CAUSE            # get pending interrupts
                mfc0    t1,CP0_STATUS           # get enabled interrupts
                and     t0,t1                   # isolate allowed ones
                andi    t0,0xff00               # isolate pending bits
--->            beqz    t0,spurious_interrupt
                sll     t0,16                   # delay slot


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