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Re: M700-10

Subject: Re: M700-10
From: Stoned Elipot <>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 1996 10:34:35 +0100
In-reply-to: Your message of "Sat, 09 Mar 1996 18:49:21 +0100." <>
Hi Tor,
>>>>> "Tor" == Tor Arntsen <> writes:
Tor> Hi, I've kept a bare-bone Olivetti M700-10 around for a while,
Tor> collecting dust, but finally I bought some RAM, borrowed a floppy
Tor> drive etc. and tried to boot MILO on it.  I followed the

It seems that it's the usual place where we can find target for
Linux/MIPS, my Oily was in a trash box! :)

Tor> Linux/MIPS FAQ as supported this shouldn't be too surprising I
Tor> guess, but it was encouraging anyway :-)

Yeah, it's always nice to see something new on such a box !

Tor> I understand there is a mailing list at  Is
Tor> the mailing list itself?  In the following I'm
Tor> assuming that it is, I hope this is ok.. (I've been on the vger
Tor> list for a long time, but there is no activity there.) is the developper mailing list, I understand from
your mail that you're willing to help. So I had' on
it, is it ok ? ;)

Tor> I have experimented with a Sparc IPC running SparcLinux and
Tor> mounting everything over NFS, so something similar is what I had
Tor> in mind for the NE2000 board with the M700-10.

Luc and I had tried to use a DEC DEPCA ethernet adapter in my Oily
with no success, I guess there is some problem with the DMA proto
driver written once by Andy. For SCSI Ralf you tell us once that
someone was on it, is it still true ?

Tor> space there).  Are there any problems with cross-compiling for
Tor> little-endian on a big-endian system?  I guess it is no problem
Tor> these days, but I remember a time when it used to be..  I'll just
Tor> go ahead I guess, and then I will know soon enough :-) (I've
Tor> picked up diffs for binutils and gcc, and some more stuff, from
Tor> the ftp directory.)

Please go ahead, it should be okay.

Tor> As the M700-10 is an EISA machine there are a few things I'm
Tor> uncertain about.  According to the manual every board has to be
Tor> configured in, even ISA boards.  The manual indicates that there
Tor> should be a configuration program (SD.EXE) on one of the system
Tor> diskettes.  What I have for this machine is one diagnostic
Tor> diskette and three user diskettes.  The third one is unreadable
Tor> and the two others have no such program.  Anyone around with some
Tor> knowledge about M700-10?

I can provide you the all 4 disk - if  I remember well SD.EXE on the
fourth one, a 2.88Mo floppy. And regarding configuration for ISA cards
in a EISA bus, well sure it's better but you don't have to: the config
software in such cases is there if you're unable to set the correct
IRQs, IO adresses in order to avoid conflicts with only your skill and
experience :) 

Tor> I'm not sure yet what I could help with in the Linux/MIPS
Tor> development.  Probably not much as far as the kernel is
Tor> do something for Linux/MIPS -- I'll first try to get it up and
Tor> running here, some way or another.

There lots of thing to do even for Oily, Luc and I are setting up
things regarding such considerations. More on this tomorrow...

Cheers, Stoned.

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