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More obscure MIPS hardware...

Subject: More obscure MIPS hardware...
From: michael smith <>
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 1996 12:49:11 +1030
Howdy Linux-MIPS people!

A quick question for those of you familiar with the MIPS product line;
I have a couple of M2/000 systems here (VME, 25MHz R3000's) gathering
dust as (currently) table supports.

Having a real OS (nobody has even been able to offer me a copy of 
RISCos!) would be a great benefit for them.

I have a copy of the "M/2000 RISComputer Technical Reference", which
is a reasonably low-level overview of the system, however it makes no
reference to whether the system is ARC-compliant or not.

A quick response to "is it worth it" would be illuminating.

Thanks for your time.


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