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Re: DECstation 3100 looking for new OS

Subject: Re: DECstation 3100 looking for new OS
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 1996 16:53:12 +1100 (EST)
In-reply-to: <> from "David Arnold" at Mar 7, 96 10:39:31 am
Organization: Softway Pty Ltd
Hi David,

> after reading the MIPS HOWTO, i thought i'd let you know (as
> requested) that i own a 3100 and while it is currently running
> Ultrix4.4 i'd be quite interested in working on a Linux port.
> what's the status of the port now?

I have done most of the work so far, and have now released the code as
part of the general Linux-Mips 1.3.62 kernel available on
and other mirrors.

> how's the video and SCSI drivers?

The kernel currently uses the boot prom callback routines for screen
output, but converting some of the code from one of the R4000 machines
will probably work as the next step.  The kernel boots to the point of
calibrating the delay loop on the 5000 series, and stops there as
we've not done any of the interrupt stuff for clock ticks (or anything
else for that matter).

The code supports the R3000, but I was quite careful to make sure the
R2000 was supported too.  3100 support probably needs more work in the
area of screen and keyboard drivers before we can tell how far the
kernel is getting on them.

SCSI, ethernet and floppy are the next things to cover once keyboard
and screen are being handled natively (i.e. rather than through the
boot prom).

> i am interested in helping out with the development.  what's to be
> done?

Lots!  I'm still writing release notes for the current source (which I
will do once I get it to compile!), and then a TODO list.  The source
does have lots of FIXME comments, which is where you could start I
suppose.  You could also grab the 2100/3100 hardware documentation off
the DEC site and start reading...

Oh yeah - you could subscribe to the linux-mips mailing list...

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