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Re: linux on decstation

To: (Andre Schroeter)
Subject: Re: linux on decstation
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 09:53:00 +1100 (EST)
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In-reply-to: <> from "Andre Schroeter" at Feb 26, 96 04:01:35 pm
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> i have found some references to linux on mips processors and
> decstations.  please tellm me more about the exact model of
> decstations that is usable for linux.

The port to the DECStations is in its early stages: we can boot
through the first few layers of kernel initialisation, but none of the
interrupt code or device drivers are complete.

> we have some labeled as 3100 5000 and 5000/150.

We have people on the linux-mips mailing list that are contributing to
the porting effort such that between us we have at least one of each
of these different systems.  It is hoped that we will support them

> how can one find out more about the exact moddel ?

It depends upon what you want to know.

> is there a difference between a decstation and a personal decstation ?

Yep - a personal decstation is smaller :-)

Seriously though, for the models you mentioned:

        DECStation 3100         R2000 CPU @ 16Mhz, no turbochannel
        DECStation 5000/2x      R3000 CPU @ 20/25 Mhz, 3xturbochannel slots
        DECStation 5000/1xx,2xx R3000 CPU, lots of turbochannel slots

There are more specs, but support for the 5000 range is relatively
simple, as they all share a common architecture.  The 2100's & 3100's
are a little simpler in their architectures, but use similar chipsets
for peripherals etc. so we expect to be able to support them quite

Please consider joining the mailing list, particularly if you can help
write the kernel code or test it.  Otherwise, stay tuned to
comp.os.linux.announce for news about the release of DECStation
support later this year.

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