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Re: Slower BogoMIPS rating on 1.3.62 than on 1.2.10 :-)

Subject: Re: Slower BogoMIPS rating on 1.3.62 than on 1.2.10 :-)
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 1996 10:14:37 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "Warner Losh" at Feb 19, 96 06:21:40 pm

> : I know this is not difficult code, but if you want some code for this,
> : look in decstation.S... you may also want to create a deskstation.S
> : and use a link script as I have done for the DEC, rather than have
> : this kind of machine-specific code appear in head.S
> I rather hoped that all ARC BIOS machines would copy down the
> interrupt hanlders and load at KSEG0 + 1M.  I really don't want to
> create a link script, but I'll take a look at the stuff to make sure
> that this is what I really want. :-)  I certainly will do it in such a
> way that it won't break the DECstation.
> A stated goal early on was to have one kernel that could boot on all
> of the supported machines.  I don't know if we can hit that goal with
> all of the machines, but I rather hoped the ARC BIOS based machines
> would be cool with that.  I'd rather not branch off the deskstation to
> that large degree, since it is bascially the same as the other
> machines once a few sillinesses have been eliminated.  And yes, the
> current code needs to be cleaned up by me so that some of the sillier
> ifdefs go away...

At some point we might have to code a more flexible loading system anyway.
ARC systems only guarantee to have 4k (or was it even less) of memory at
physical address 0x0; the rest of their memory might as well be at some
different address.  When we want to have a universal kernel for all R4000
machines we'll have to write a real ELF loader anyway.

I'm currently tweaking the R4000 stuff from mips2 to mips3/mips4 to build a new
execution model for user mode stuff.  R3000 binaries (all the currently
distributed user stuff) will run unchanged but using 64 bit CPU features will
be possible; some disabled code in the kernel can be reenabled and other code
can run again with interrupts enabled.


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