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Re: MILO + linux 1.3.59 on Magnum/Oily

Subject: Re: MILO + linux 1.3.59 on Magnum/Oily
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 13:40:57 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "Stoned Elipot" at Feb 12, 96 01:12:14 pm
Hi all,

> [SNIP]
> Warner> So rm becomes much harder :-).
> I was once thinking about ARC fileutils... BTW sometimes I put milo on
> an hard disk, sure it's faster !

How about booting Milo & vmlinux from one disk and a compressed ramdisk
image from the other?  I think we can assume at least 8mb RAM for every
MIPS machine so this should be usable and provide the usual Linux
environment for installation.

> And well, the keyboard works again with kernel 1.3.59 on my Oily, it
> turns out that in keyboard_initialize(), after the KBD_RESET command I
> have to do *two* kbd_wait_for_input() before the I got the keyboard's
> 'OK power-on reset complete' (aka the keyboard returns 0xAA): first I
> got 0xff and then the 0xAA, strange, insn't it

Thanks; in the meantime we've installed Wayne's Olli here at the Uni.
His machine showed no keyboard problems at all.  It might be interesting
if changing the keyboard affects the problem?

The bigger problem is that the Olli console is a memory pig and screen
output seems to start at some random line after launching the kernel.

>                                                (no matter the setting
> of #if 0/1 - Stoned refs - in kbd_init)?

OK, then I'll remove that code.

> Then mount() of root FS on floppy succeed, but I fail to launch
> /bin/sh... 
> So the point is, Magnum/Oily are nearly up on 1.3.xx
> kernel. Hum,... nobody had tried Andy's sonic proto-driver since long
> ? It have to be hack a little to compile on 1.3.xx: I'm on it...

There were some changes to the driver iterface; I wouldn't really bet
that the Sonic driver provides still as much "functionality" as it
did for 1.2 ;-)

> Oh yes, one more thing: I end up using binary of GNU libc for mipsel
> 'cause I wasn't able to compile it: Ralf could you give us a little
> roadbook on this ? Thanks.

I'm just updating from libc 960120 to yesterday's snapshot.  I'll make
a new set of diffs and write a little howto.  Just have some days


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