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Subject: Re: MILO
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 02:37:28 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "Warner Losh" at Feb 11, 96 06:10:02 pm

> : You're right; I've tried some days ago whether Arc drives may be
> : accessed similar to UNIX block devices - et voila - it works though
> : not documented.
> I would expect it to work because they have to be able to format the
> disk somehow.  And there is only one arcinst program, not a dti one
> and a tyne one, etc.
> : So partitioning under ARC can really work (withhin the narrow limits set
> : by some extremly buggy ARC implementations like the Magnum ...)
> Yes.  I wonder how arcinst even runs on that system :-(.

Because both BIOS and installer are MS and fit each other like lock and
key ...

> : What is missing is a port of termcap to Arc; then we could use programs
> : like cfdisk for installation.  Another program that might be interesting
> : to be ported to Arc is an sash type shell with lots of builtin programs
> : that recently has been published.  Think it's name was mash.
> I like it.  There is a song over hear called the Monster Mash that is
> old enough everyone on the planet should have heard by now.


> : The sad fact that every Arc BIOS I've yet seen will turn writing a complex
> : Arc program into a walk through a minefield.  Even worse; Arc is bugged by
> : design.  There are all functions required to access and manipulate files -
> : except a function to delete files.  Btw. - the mines are (C) Microsoft ...
> So rm becomes much harder :-).
> All of this talk about install reminds me...  I got a S.u.S.E. CD
> offer in my email (for the ParcPlace OI giveway, no doubt) about the
> time that Ralf put out root-0.00.tar.gz.  I filled it out form they
> had sent and dropped the "Yah, I'm working on Linux/MIPS and am
> thinking of putting together a distribution for it, would you put that
> on your CD?"  Just to see what would happen (and at the time I was
> thinking about this).  It turns out they are interested!  So if we
> have a BOGUS or Debian distribution or something like them, then we
> can be on their CD.  I hope that I've not overcommitted us, or stepped
> on anybody's toes with this.  I think it would be way cool to install
> Linux/MIPS off of a CD like this...  Then again, I know someone with a
> CD-R that can make me one off CDs from a tape image if it comes down
> to it...

Of course the Suse people are interested; I've met them several times
and know one (Florian la Roche) pretty good as he is a friend of a
friend :-)  We've also talked to Lunetix, another Linux distribution
vendor here in Germany and they're also interested just as Caldera is.
You see: I did my homework :-)

Probably we'll be taking the same path as most other distributions.
Debian as free distribution and then RedHat as commercial distribution
which will lead us in direction to Caldera.

For now I suggest that just create tar packages until we have something

> For the moment, I'm going to finish up the cp and see if I can reduce
> by boot times by 5-10 seconds.  I know that doesn't sound like much,
> but every bit helps...

At the time where I still was booting ramdisk images I was more interested
in shrinking the loader because Milo + kernel + diskimage were about
a HD in size ...

> Once I have that, I'll go ahead and try all the interrupt hacks that
> Ralf and others have suggested...

Get coffee and Aspirin first :-)


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