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Subject: Re: MILO
From: linux-user <>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 02:25:56 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "Warner Losh" at Feb 11, 96 06:10:02 pm
Hi Warner,

Warner Losh wrote:

> All of this talk about install reminds me...  I got a S.u.S.E. CD
> offer in my email (for the ParcPlace OI giveway, no doubt) about the
> time that Ralf put out root-0.00.tar.gz.  I filled it out form they
> had sent and dropped the "Yah, I'm working on Linux/MIPS and am
> thinking of putting together a distribution for it, would you put that
> on your CD?"  Just to see what would happen (and at the time I was
> thinking about this).  It turns out they are interested!  So if we
> have a BOGUS or Debian distribution or something like them, then we
> can be on their CD.  I hope that I've not overcommitted us, or stepped
> on anybody's toes with this.  I think it would be way cool to install
> Linux/MIPS off of a CD like this...  Then again, I know someone with a
> CD-R that can make me one off CDs from a tape image if it comes down
> to it...

Have a look on the CD. Linux/MIPS should already be there, at least
parts of it.
I talked to them a while ago and they changed the mirror source for
linux-mips to uni-mainz.

So all the good work should be on this CD :)))
An integration into their YAST (jens panics and seeks a manhole)
wouldn't be _that_ bad, would it?


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