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Subject: Re: MILO
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 18:10:02 -0700
In-reply-to: Your message of Sun, 11 Feb 1996 22:39:00 +0100
:  Welcome to the true kernel headaches :-)

Yes.  These are harder to cure than caffeine headaches :-)

: You're right; I've tried some days ago whether Arc drives may be
: accessed similar to UNIX block devices - et voila - it works though
: not documented.

I would expect it to work because they have to be able to format the
disk somehow.  And there is only one arcinst program, not a dti one
and a tyne one, etc.

: So partitioning under ARC can really work (withhin the narrow limits set
: by some extremly buggy ARC implementations like the Magnum ...)

Yes.  I wonder how arcinst even runs on that system :-(.

: What is missing is a port of termcap to Arc; then we could use programs
: like cfdisk for installation.  Another program that might be interesting
: to be ported to Arc is an sash type shell with lots of builtin programs
: that recently has been published.  Think it's name was mash.

I like it.  There is a song over hear called the Monster Mash that is
old enough everyone on the planet should have heard by now.

: The sad fact that every Arc BIOS I've yet seen will turn writing a complex
: Arc program into a walk through a minefield.  Even worse; Arc is bugged by
: design.  There are all functions required to access and manipulate files -
: except a function to delete files.  Btw. - the mines are (C) Microsoft ...

So rm becomes much harder :-).

All of this talk about install reminds me...  I got a S.u.S.E. CD
offer in my email (for the ParcPlace OI giveway, no doubt) about the
time that Ralf put out root-0.00.tar.gz.  I filled it out form they
had sent and dropped the "Yah, I'm working on Linux/MIPS and am
thinking of putting together a distribution for it, would you put that
on your CD?"  Just to see what would happen (and at the time I was
thinking about this).  It turns out they are interested!  So if we
have a BOGUS or Debian distribution or something like them, then we
can be on their CD.  I hope that I've not overcommitted us, or stepped
on anybody's toes with this.  I think it would be way cool to install
Linux/MIPS off of a CD like this...  Then again, I know someone with a
CD-R that can make me one off CDs from a tape image if it comes down
to it...

So that should explain my thinking about these things now...  It just
might be reason enough to get a ZIP or Syquest drive so I can see if
my BIOS will grok ISO-9660 images on it....  Or even just another hard
disk that I can format via mkisofs :-).

For the moment, I'm going to finish up the cp and see if I can reduce
by boot times by 5-10 seconds.  I know that doesn't sound like much,
but every bit helps...

Once I have that, I'll go ahead and try all the interrupt hacks that
Ralf and others have suggested...


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