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Re: DecStation and 1.3.59 [was: Re: Load address of 1.3.59]

Subject: Re: DecStation and 1.3.59 [was: Re: Load address of 1.3.59]
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 10:02:58 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "Warner Losh" at Feb 10, 96 09:45:51 pm

> : la   a0, dec_signon 
> : 
> : "la" is not an op code that shows up in either Mips Risc Architecture
> : or the MIPs IV instruction set manual 
> LA == Load Address.  It is a pseudo-op in gas.  It literally
> translates to:
>       lui     a0, %hi(dec_signon)
>       addiu   a0, a0, %lo(dec_signon)
> Which is effectively loading the address into a0.
> I just discovered this because I was looking at a disassembled version
> of rpc44.o to make sure that it mached rpc44.S (which it did, except
> for things like this).  And now that I recall, I think there was email
> about milo's disassembler that stated that it had been modified to
> merge these two instructions into one.

This is not the only macro instruction in MIPS assembler; in fact most of
the instructions are macro instructions that expand sometimes into five
instructions or more.  Many of them are described in the appendix of
the Kane.


Name     : MIPS RISC Architecture
Author   : Gerry Kane
Publisher: Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 07632
ISBN     : 0-12-58479-4
           The book contains another ISBN: 0-13-584293-X, so
           be carefull.

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