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Re: Deskstation progress and questions...

Subject: Re: Deskstation progress and questions...
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 1996 11:40:46 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "Warner Losh" at Feb 7, 96 11:57:30 pm

> : I've managed to get to my first "out_p" statement!  I'm hanging there
> : because mipsconfig.h defines PORT_BASE to be 0xe2000000.  On the
> : Dekstation, this needs to be 0xb0000000, so I've hacked mipsconfig.h
> : and am rebuilding.  Ideally, we'd have some way to do this that didn't
> : require a recompile of the whole kernel, but it would also have to be
> : fast, and I'm not sure that fast and configurable are both attainable
> : here.  For the moment, I'm just punting and putting the ifdef in...
> I've been able to get to the following point in the kernel boot with
> *LOTS* of hacking that I'm not sure is correct
> Launching Kernel...           (this is bold, the rest isn't)

"Launching Kernel..." is printed by the ARC BIOS Write() call.  Linux
doesn't necessarily use the same stile/colour as the BIOS ...

> Console: 0 point font, 0 scans
> Console: colour VGA+ 80x50, 1 virutual console (max 63)
> Calibraring delay loop.. _
> The _ is the blinking cursor.
> I do need to go in and fix the 80x50 number, but I doubt that is
> causing the apparent hang...
> Any ideas?  My guess is a timer is set for a while in the future, and
> then it never expires, so the kernel just keeps counting...  I could
> be wrong about that.  Ralf, have you seen this before, say, on the
> Deskstation Tyne?  I'm too tired to track it down now, but I think
> that I may have left out some code either in MILO or the early init
> that the tyne used...

You should try to test if the variable jiffies is getting counted up.  If
not your timer interrupt is broken.  (The interrupts are enabled, aren't
they?)  Try something like

  while(1) printk("Jiffies == %d\n", jiffies);

at the point where the kernel does the BogoMIPS benchmark.

> But at least I'm to the point in the kernel where I can get console
> output....

Whom you're telling.  I was finally fed up of living without a cursor
last night and hacked the missing four lines of code ...  ed(1) users
don't need a cursor ;-)

> P.P.S.  I'm wordsmithing the linux-mips-howto.html.  Comments and/or
> suggestions are welcome.  The latest draft can be found at



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