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Debugger support?

Subject: Debugger support?
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 1996 14:20:47 -0700
This is with the kernel and MILO 0.26 + Ralf's patches + my
deskstation patches + cleanup compile patches.  I'm hard wiring the
memory addresses as 0x800100000 for the start of memory (rather than
_end due to the hole in memory) and 0x82000000 as the end address (32M
total) in the early parts of init so that the tagged reads work right
(MILO doesn't seem to be setting these correctly, but that could be my

Anyway, I finy my self in need of a debugger for the linux-mips
kernel....  I seem to recall that there was some work on this, but I'm
not sure how far it got along.  I've also noticed that hooks for the
debugger seem to be enabled after the point I'm having problems at

I'm getting to the following line in init_swap_cache and hanging:

        memset(swap_cache, 0, swap_cache_size * sizeof (unsigned long));

I have no clue what swap_cache_size is, and printf doesn't work at
this stage of the boot process (since the console driver isn't up
yet).  swap_cache_size should be 0x2000, which * 4 = 0x8000 which
should take very little time to finish on a 50MHz machine.  If I
comment out this line, then the next problem is somewhere after the
init_modules line in the kernel, but before the kernel prints
anything, so I'm rather keen on figuring out what the deal is (most
likely it is in the console_init routine, but don't hold me to that).


If all else fails, I can hack together a tiny routine that prints a
number to the right locations in memory...


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