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Re: DECStation 5000

Subject: Re: DECStation 5000
From: (Larry McVoy)
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 1996 19:35:58 -0800
I'm also getting Theo Deraadt an old R3K machine - he's going to get
a OpenBSD port working on it along with some superstud in Sweden.
He promised me that all the stuff he did would be released under both
the BSD and the GPL copyright (i.e., two versions, same code, different
copyrights) so that we can use it Linux.

Theo is pretty studly.  If he got a lot of strokes about how great of a job 
he was doing on the OpenBSD stuff, he might decide that our crowd is more fun 
than his crowd.  A thought for the day.

Miguel, let me know if the machine you got isn't a R4K.  I want an R4K port.
I'm also willing to try and get driver sources from IRIX.


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