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Re: R3000 support?

Subject: Re: R3000 support?
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 10:58:45 +1100 (EST)
In-reply-to: <Pine.3.89.9601311637.A1282-0100000@babbitt> from "Thomas Riemer" at Jan 31, 96 05:11:35 pm
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Hello people,

> A couple of questions:
> Has the R3000 code been integrated into the 1.3.58 kernel yet?  

Patience my friend!  Ralf's fingers are a blurr accross his keyboard
as we speak (right, Ralf? :-)

> Does anyone know where I should look to find out what external timer
> is shipped with Decstation 2100s,3000s?  
> The Ultrix header file mips/kn220.h has a #define:
> #define TCSR PHYS_TO_K1(0x10084010)  /* R3000 Interval Timer Register 
> (ITR) */
> It goes on to define TCSR_IE.. codes to enable timer interrupts.
> etc.   It does not however give me any way knowing if this really is
> the right thing to be poking. 

Yeah - frustrating isn't it.  I suspect that the DECStation
motherboard ASIC's implement a timer function, and that these
addresses refer to the on-chip registers for accessing it (basically
turning it on or off, as it is just a periodic ticker methinx).

I will put the relevent MACH sources up on my ftp server for you to
poke around in...

> The R4000 apparently has hardware timer interrupts built into CP0,
> but the R3000 doesn't seem to have this stuff at all.  (The true frustrationg
> is that every place the R4000 is mentioned about timer stuff... there
> is not a single "pointer" or reference as to what to do if you want
> a timer interrupt on the R3000.)

Build one with support chips!

> is sadly lacking here... DecStations happened before there
> was really a net to speak of - the documentation just doesn't seem to
> have made it onto the web -at least as far as I can tell. Any other ideas
> as to places to look?

Yeah - I gather that the MACH team had access to internal DEC
documents.  Perhaps we could get Linus to convince DEC to release
these docs...

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