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R3000 support?

Subject: R3000 support?
From: Thomas Riemer <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 17:11:35 +0000
A couple of questions:

Has the R3000 code been integrated into the 1.3.58 kernel yet?  

Does anyone know where I should look to find out what external timer
is shipped with Decstation 2100s,3000s?  

The Ultrix header file mips/kn220.h has a #define:
#define TCSR PHYS_TO_K1(0x10084010)  /* R3000 Interval Timer Register 
(ITR) */

It goes on to define TCSR_IE.. codes to enable timer interrupts.
etc.   It does not however give me any way knowing if this really is
the right thing to be poking. 

The R4000 apparently has hardware timer interrupts built into CP0,
but the R3000 doesn't seem to have this stuff at all.  (The true frustrationg
is that every place the R4000 is mentioned about timer stuff... there
is not a single "pointer" or reference as to what to do if you want
a timer interrupt on the R3000.) is sadly lacking here... DecStations happened before there
was really a net to speak of - the documentation just doesn't seem to
have made it onto the web -at least as far as I can tell. Any other ideas
as to places to look?


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