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Anybody compiled MILO on a non-linux box?

Subject: Anybody compiled MILO on a non-linux box?
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 00:06:17 -0700
I can't get MILO to compile, no matter how nice I am to it.  I've
grabbed the include files from the latest root snapshot, which helped
a *LOT*.  I've added #undef fd_set and #undef fsid_t to get the thing
to compile.  I've hacked together a localeinfo.h that looks like

struct ctype_info 
        struct ctype_ctype_info *p1;
        struct ctype_mbchar_info *p2;

struct ctype_mbchar_info
        int i;
        char *p1;

struct ctype_ctype_info
        unsigned short int *p1;
        unsigned char *p2;
        unsigned char *p3;

to get the library to compile (gee, those structs must be very
important if I can get away with such a blatant lie).

mipsel-linuxelf-ld is dumping core when I try to link it. :-(.  I'm
starting to think I don't even want to think about ELF at all (but the
-oformat ecoff-littlemips should have done the trick).

And the prebuilt MILO dies badly on my Deskstation.  TLB miss
exception (Store).  The BADVADDR is 0x7ffffffb, which smells a lot
like the new tagged code that Stoned has been working on (the EPC is
right for that as well, if I read my nm's correctly).

The video address for the RPC44 is incorrect.  It should have its own
address, not share the TYNE one, and that address should be
0xa00a0000.  I'll see about hacking that into MILO and generating a
patch, once I figure out how to build MILO :-(.  Also, I think the
load address for MILO needs to be different given some of the comments
in MILO's makefile.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious here....

Thanks for any help you can render in helping me here.


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