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Root disks

Subject: Root disks
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 1996 18:38:49 -0700
        Thanks for putting together the Root disks!  I have a couple
of questions...

        Is the source available yet for all of these files?  It would
be a good test of the system, once I get my machine booting, to try to
rebuild them on Linux/MIPS.  If things aren't stable enough yet, I
would understand.

        Also, would you be willing to take additional time in making
these images so they aren't quite as large?  22M is about the limit
that I can go over my link to the outside world w/o seriously
negatively impacting other users.  If not, then I might be able to
arrange for other channels to get these files, but I thought I'd ask.
Are things to the point yet where this makes sense?

Is it too early to talk about installation strategies yet :-)?

Thanks again for the root disk...

That was the other thing... I had asked a while ago if I can put all
these files on a disk created with Linux/Intel ext2fs and then hope to
be able to mount that disk correctly with Linux/MIPS.  I don't recall
seeing an answer coming back...


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