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Re: Linux-mips

Subject: Re: Linux-mips
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 21:39:21 +1100 (EST)
In-reply-to: <Pine.3.89.9601240822.A275-0100000@babbitt> from "Thomas Riemer" at Jan 24, 96 09:48:46 am
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Hi again Tom,

> I happen to work in a place where I have a 3100 sitting in front of me
> most days.  As long as its safe for the machine to boot the kernel - i.e.
> it doesn't trash the hard disk - and I can get back to my previous config
> I should be able to test that as well.

Yep - it is completely safe.  The hang at the "Calculating delay loop..."
prompt is the point at which the CPU goes into an infinite loop
waiting for an interrupt that will never occur (which is why you must
power off).

> Of course, finding a bootp server at the company might be a bit more 
> difficult - but doable.   Tomorrow night - assuming the cold that I 
> seem to have contracted in the past 24 hours doesn't keep me in bed 
> for tomorrow.  We'll see.

Good luck, and get well soon!

> > Hmmm... I wonder what the load address is for Ultrix kernals on the
> > 2100's... I'll check the docs and MACH code to see if there are any
> > hints of whether the 2100 memory architecture is any different from
> > the 5000's.
> The one major difference that I noted in my reading of MIPS RISC Architecture
> to date was:
>    " The CPU normally operates in User mode until an exception is detected
> forcing it into Kernel mode.  It remains in Kernel mode until a Restore
> from Exception (RFE) instruction is executed (the R4000 uses the ERET 
> instruction.)."  (P. 218)

Hmmm... the boot prom is supposed to run everything in supervisor mode
methinx.  When I said memory architecture I was really thinking of
where the memory appears in the memory map, and what memory the boot
prom might reserve for itself.  (e.g. the 5000 boot prom reserves the
first 0x30000 bytes, hence the loadd addr of 0x80030000.)

> > The only other thing I can think of is this: Does the boot prom on the
> > 2100's provide the same BIOS-like functions as are supported on the
> > 5000's prom ('cos one of the first things I do is print out a message
> > to the console using such services). Again I'll check the MACH code.
> Where would I look to find the docs - Hardware manual?

Hmmm... not really.  The document you want is up on my ftp server as
a postscript document that I downloaded from the DEC ftp site. (And which
I had completely forgotten I had, until you asked this :-)

It describes the architecture of both the 2100 and 3100... I'll read it
again too.

> > It'd be great if you could add your info to the tftp document and send
> > it to me so I can put it up on my web pages and pass it on to Luc.
> > 
> Here you GO:

Cool.  I'll tidy it up and send it to Luc.  Thanks for that!

> BTW, I haven't received anything back from my mail sent to 
> about joining the linux-mips mailing list.  Is this 
> information accurate... (Am I just being a bit impatient or what? - smack 
> if I'm being obnoxious)

You're not being obnoxious.  I have noticed that Stoned and Luc have been
very busy lately.  I will gently prod Luc for you too.

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