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Re: Linux-mips

To: (Thomas Riemer)
Subject: Re: Linux-mips
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 1996 12:19:38 +1100 (EST)
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(I'm cc'ing this to the linux-mips mailing list, as it has info of
general interest.)

> The good news is that the 2100 does support tftp booting...
> in a very similar fashion.
> the command I used was:
> boot -f tftp(0,6)/data/tftpd/dec_vmlinux
> Where 0,6 refer to controller, and device
> and /data/tftpd/dec_vmlinux is the full path to the kernel.

Great - we should add it to the document.

> And this time, I must point out that there is no Appendix F at all.
> It was pretty much a pure guess.  No docs at all. 

Great work!  I personally find this kind of hacking very satisfying... :-)

> The bad news is that the kernel seems to dump core...


> The error I got was first was at the end of the checksum stuff:
> 409824+103760+72304-47c xfer addr: 0x80030000
> Exceptn: <vtr=UTLBM>
> Exceptn PC: 0x0
> CReg      : 0x8 < CE=0, EXC=RMISS>
> SReg      : 0x30080000 < CU1, CU0, CM, IPL=8>
> VAddr     : 0x0
> Sp        0xa0ffc000
>   And then the dump of the stack which was all zeros.

Hmmm... I wonder what the load address is for Ultrix kernals on the
2100's... I'll check the docs and MACH code to see if there are any
hints of whether the 2100 memory architecture is any different from
the 5000's.

The only other thing I can think of is this: Does the boot prom on the
2100's provide the same BIOS-like functions as are supported on the
5000's prom ('cos one of the first things I do is print out a message
to the console using such services). Again I'll check the MACH code.

Anyway, you've certainly advanced the DECStation Linux-mips cause!  We
now have reason to suspect that the 3100's will also be able to use
tftp (as I believe the 3100 is essentially a 2100 with an R3000).

It'd be great if you could add your info to the tftp document and send
it to me so I can put it up on my web pages and pass it on to Luc.

A note on R2000 support - I have tried to make all my code work on
both R2000 and R3000, so with any luck you won't have to deal with
many of those issues.  The main ones will be support for the various
hardware devices on 2100/3100 machines, many of which will hopefully
be very similar to the 5000's.

I finished patching my code into the 1.3.58 kernel last night, so now
all I need do is attempt a compile and clean up the mess that will no
doubt ensue! :-)

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