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Deskstation rPC44 update

Subject: Deskstation rPC44 update
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 23:54:59 -0700

I'm not sure if I mentioned the double hard disk crash that I'm just
now digging out from (it happened about two weeks ago), but now that
I'm dug out, I thought I'd give building 1.3.48 a spin.  I've been
able to get a kernel compiled, but I had a question or two on what I
had to do to do that.

I have enabled the floppy build, and get an undefined reference to
vdma_alloc from floppy.o.  I do find it defind in jazzdma.h and used
in a macro in floppy.h.  It will only be called, it seems, if the
machine is the Pica 61, the Magnum 4000 or the Olivetti M700...
Sounds like I need a dummy version in the Deskstation stuff.  Is that
the case?  The Jazz version certainly isn't "dummy" by any streatch of
the imaginiation.  Looks like I'll have to find out about DMA stuff on
the Deskstation :-(.  For the moment, I've dummied up something to get
the kernel to compile.

How close are the tyne files to being up to date?  There are a few
typos in these files, and I was wondering up to date the tyne stuff
is.  I know that it is hard w/o a working machine, so I don't fault
any out of datedness in them.  It would be nice to know how much
debugging I'll have to do with them.  The comment at the top of tyne.S
isn't giving me much hope for that file, but maybe tyne-c.c is in
better shape...

I've also rigged it up so that tyne-c.c and rpc44-c.c use the exact
same code, modulo one #define that changes the names of the functions.
I'd do the same for tyne.S and rpc44.S, but the assembler that I have
here is broken when I try to do that.  Over time they may diverge, but
I thought this would be the best way to keep the files in sync with
the moving kernel interface changes.

Maybe Ralf's new 1.3.58 will help this situation...  I'll give them a
try as soon as Luc moves them (or is that Stoned?).  In any event, can
mere mortals grab these before they are moved, or is the incoming
directory write only?

Thanks for any help and suggestions that you might have.  As always, a
lead on a good technical doc set for the rPC44 would be nice :-).


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