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Re: Web pages

Subject: Re: Web pages
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996 00:35:48 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "Paul Antoine" at Jan 16, 96 09:14:34 am

> This is great work!
> In the "On what hardware" section, you should update the DECStation
> list to be:
>       DECStation 5000/2x, 5000/100, 3100, and others.
>       (a.k.a. PMAX, all R3000 based)
> ...and it could probably be in it's own R3000 list, to which we can
> add things like the MIPS Magnum 3230's etc when we begin those.  I'm
> happy to be mentioned as responsible for R3000 co-ordination.
> The DECStation port status is a bit further along than mentioned in
> the "state of the project" section - we can boot using bootp/tftp, and
> the 1.2.11 kernel is booting to the point of "Calibrating...".  So
> perhaps you could say:
>       A network bootloader for R3000-based DECStations using the MOP
>       protocol is almost complete, though certain models of
>       DECStation may be booted using tftp/bootp (link to my document
>       on this? I will do an HTML version if you like...).  Both
>       R3000 and DECStation specific code has been written for the
>       1.2.11 kernel, and will be released as patches to the current
>       1.3.48 kernel soon.  An experimental DECStation kernel image
>       may be found on:
>       This ought to boot to the point of showing the "Calibrating
>       delay loop..." message on most DECStations based on R3000 CPU's.

OK, I changed the paragraph and I'm using your text almost verbose.  I've
builtin a hotlink to your site to the /pub/linux-mips/ as the
DECstation site.

> Another thought is to have a link to my web page so that I can keep it
> up to date with the port status.

Of course; the DECstation specific chapters of the Linux/MIPS webpages are
probably more than big enough to get their own webpage so it's a good
thing if you, the maintainer of the code also maintain the Web pages.
Just tell me when your page is ready and you get the link.

> "It is the lack of acceptance of diversity which threatens to 
>  destroy society, NOT the free expression of it." - Me.

Nothing to add.


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