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Subject: Re: Web pages
From: (Paul Antoine)
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996 09:14:34 +1100 (EST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Systemkennung Linux" at Jan 14, 96 09:35:08 am
Organization: Softway Pty Ltd
Ralf wrote:

> as most of you have probably seen our Web pages a very outdated and
> ugly.  I've started a rewrite.  You can look at the results at
>  Comments and
> fixes appreciated,

This is great work!

In the "On what hardware" section, you should update the DECStation
list to be:

        DECStation 5000/2x, 5000/100, 3100, and others.
        (a.k.a. PMAX, all R3000 based)

...and it could probably be in it's own R3000 list, to which we can
add things like the MIPS Magnum 3230's etc when we begin those.  I'm
happy to be mentioned as responsible for R3000 co-ordination.

The DECStation port status is a bit further along than mentioned in
the "state of the project" section - we can boot using bootp/tftp, and
the 1.2.11 kernel is booting to the point of "Calibrating...".  So
perhaps you could say:

        A network bootloader for R3000-based DECStations using the MOP
        protocol is almost complete, though certain models of
        DECStation may be booted using tftp/bootp (link to my document
        on this? I will do an HTML version if you like...).  Both
        R3000 and DECStation specific code has been written for the
        1.2.11 kernel, and will be released as patches to the current
        1.3.48 kernel soon.  An experimental DECStation kernel image
        may be found on:

        This ought to boot to the point of showing the "Calibrating
        delay loop..." message on most DECStations based on R3000 CPU's.

Another thought is to have a link to my web page so that I can keep it
up to date with the port status.

Again, thanks for the good work Ralf.

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