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Re: Milo release (nop not yet but very soon:)

Subject: Re: Milo release (nop not yet but very soon:)
From: Stoned Elipot <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 15:40:25 +0100
In-reply-to: Your message of "Fri, 12 Jan 1996 15:14:48 +0100." <>

>>>>> "Ralf" == Systemkennung Linux <> writes:
Ralf> Thanks :-)

De nada. (sorry Miguel I forgot nearly all my spanish)

>> A new version of milo is about to be seen in "beta-test" before
>> going to be 0.26 release: major change -> the famous New Argument
>> Passing Scheme, which - I believe, as Ralf convinced me :) - will
>> allow us to have a general way of passing any kind of data between
>> Milo and the kernel, or even between any bootloader that would have
>> to be written for not-yet-known (or Dec?? ;) Mips boxes and the
>> kernel.

Ralf> Yes, there will be another box.  Some company promised to send
Ralf> me a Vr4300 based board :-)

Huho, your MIPS cpu oriented mind is dying to play with all the
R-series, ins't it ? :)  (I finnally got the Kane's book - thanks Luc -
so I'm a little bit more award of the R-series differences,... but hey
I don't see anywhere support for R6000,... tse,tse, you leak this one ;)

Ralf> No Problem - just send me a copy of your NAPS stuff so that I
Ralf> can make shure that MIlo 0.26 and Linux really will fit
Ralf> together.

Still one little stuff on my working 1.2.11-NASP, then I'll make a
patch on 1.3.4x and send it over you.

>> Next step for the NASP: throw out the 8x16.c from the kernel. I'll
>> try to put that in 0.26 and the kernel patches I'm tuning...
>> *Well*, this message is intended to call for patches on milo, if
>> any are sleeping around - after 6 month without a release :)

Ralf> Good software rarely needs updates :-)

Expect for making them even more good :)

Cheers, Stoned.
PS/ Luc - he won't says it to you all so I say it - got a DECStation
now and had tried Paul's stuff: it's promising ! BTW you DEC people
don't you think we can find a way of making a Milo incarnation as an
equivalent of "Ultrixboot" for the DECs ? NetBSD already got such a
thing for these boxes... Damn, I said it: N e t B S D :)  

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