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Milo release (nop not yet but very soon:)

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Subject: Milo release (nop not yet but very soon:)
From: Stoned Elipot <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 13:10:33 +0100
Hi all,
First, Ralf you impress me !! 
A new version of milo is about to be seen in "beta-test" before
going to be 0.26 release: major change -> the famous New Argument
Passing Scheme, which - I believe, as Ralf convinced me :) - will
allow us to have a general way of passing any kind of data between
Milo and the kernel, or even between any bootloader that would have to
be written for not-yet-known (or Dec?? ;) Mips boxes and the kernel.  

So patches on last Ralf kernel sources - as long as 1.2.11 - a "beta"
milo 0.26 are to be expected at the same time on : then I
hope Ralf will be kind enought :) to release any subsequent kernel
with the NASP support (bootinfo struct will not be supported anymore)
and well a milo 0.26 will be out after 2 or 3 successfull test on
boxes (mostly to be sure that I didn't wrong stuff by reporting boxes
bootinfo stuff to the NASP tags).

Next step for the NASP: throw out the 8x16.c from the kernel. I'll
try to put that in 0.26 and the kernel patches I'm tuning... 

*Well*, this message is intended to call for patches on milo, if any
are sleeping around - after 6 month without a release :)

Cheers, Stoned.

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