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Linux 1.3.48, Userland stuff

Subject: Linux 1.3.48, Userland stuff
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 17:48:04 +0100 (MET)

Hi all,

yet another release day.  The most interesting thing thistimes is of course
the release of root-0.00.tar.gz.  This archive contains a snapshot of the
basic Linux/MIPS system, which I'm currently using.  Most programs work
reliable - just ignore the error messages during bootup.  These appear
because I'm using the sysvinit stuff from Debian but didn't yet install
all the software required to really use them.  No problem for now.  Oh,
and the binaries are all little endian.

Quick installation guide:

  - Choose an IP-number <ip> and hostname <hname> for your Linux/MIPS box.
  - Add an entry for your Linux/MIPS machine to /etc/hosts or the DNS.
  - mkdir /tftpboot/<ip>
  - cd /tftpboot/<ip>
  - tar zxf /tmp/root-0.00.tar.gz.  The archive has been pacckes with the
    --sparse option which is very usefull for MIPS ELF executables which
    contain large holes.  If your tar breaks on such archives use GNU tar.
    To unpack the archive you'll need about 52mb of free disk space.
  - export /tftpboot/<ip> with root access.
  - Setup RARP on the NFS server machine - the kernel will attempt to mount
    the rootfilesystem from the machine which answered the RARP request.
    For a Linux server you might have to recompile your kernel or load the
    RARP module to do this.  Then add a rarp entry using the following command:

        rarp -s <hname> <eth>

    where <eth> is your Linux/MIPS box' ethernet (not IP!) address.
  - Boot your Linux/MIPS machine.  The delay of 30s during booting is
    normal.  The machine waits that long for RARP answers.  If this
    is too long for you hack this in linux-1.3.48/fs/nfs/nfsroot.c.

Also some short notes about what has changed for Kernel 1.3.48:

  - As usual I've integrated all of Linus' stuff.
  - The only yet known to be working networking card are NE2000.
  - I yesterday fixed the IDE drivers.  They're still untested but I
    don't see a reason why they shouldn't be working.  I just didn't
    test them because I'm in SCSI-Land here and didn't have an IDE
    cable at hand ...

There are lots of other programs which needed minor patches to compile.
I'll upload the required patches later on when I've found time to clean
them up.  I solved most of the compilation problems by hacking the GNU
libc header files so that now they should have gotten much more compatible
with H.J. Lu's Linux Libc.

And now go on, build your kernel and enjoy the best Linux ever ...


d8608462e204e40e92e234ce6abfc4c1  linux-1.3.46-1.3.47.diffs.gz
488be7a2e6d8a04b492637db22a30a8b  linux-1.3.47-1.3.48.diffs.gz
ca21159acb3ab0c37ecff80b6f4ef280  root-0.00.tar.gz

Version: 2.6.2


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