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Back again ...

Subject: Back again ...
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 17:44:18 +0100 (MET)
Hi all,

I returned yesterday from the black forest.  Well, the weather was bad;
not enough snow for skying and so I did some more hacking that I
actually intended before ...

OK, and now for the good news: 1.3.48 is almost stable; it is possible
to compile most of the software that I'm using on my MIPS system on
the system itself.  Since I didn't have a spare disk at hand and
NFS swapping doesn't work yet I've been limited with the 8mb installed
on the Acer.  It was therefore not possible for me to recompile GCC with
-O2 but otherwise this should almost be working (see below).  I've
thrown something like a basic Linux system.  Throws some error messages
for not yet compiled programs.  I'll upload this stuff for your
pleasure; expect something like a 20mb .tar.gz or so ...

I tried to lauch the crashme script that David Miller recently posted.
The kernel is relativly resistant against crashme - it's more the
opposite problem that the kernel crashs crashme :-)

The two relaving major bugs are:

  - GCC's utility enquire doesn't run.  Something wiered with floating
    point exceptions.
  - Some evil bug with virtual consoles. "Scrolling" on a currently
    invisible virtual console causes memory corruption.

I'll clean up the kernel for a release tomorrow.  Too much debug stuff
in now.

Happy new year,


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