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Linux/MIPS Cross Dev for PSX

Subject: Linux/MIPS Cross Dev for PSX
From: Jim Burnes <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 1996 18:49:34 +73800 (CST)
Hey people:

Good to see there are some true MIPS hackers out there.

I'm the guy who is starting the Sony Playstation Hacking Group.

We are not interested in ripping off software.  What we would like to
do is come up with cross-development tools and utilities to allow anyone
to write target code for the Sony Playstation.  

Its an R3000 CPU running at 33 MHZ with a hell of a 3d engine.

Its a great toy.

Were are going to get inside.

The first project is to write a debugger/monitor for it (or port
part of the GNU gdb target monitor.)

I've tried going through compiling gcc and binutils and everything was
going great until I tried to compile mips-tfile.c.  Anyway...I think you
already have a number of compilers ready to go.

Do you have any recommendations on...

(1) How do I find out if the CPU is running big/little endian?

(2) I'm really trying hard to figure out their executable format, but
it isnt anything that the "file" command under linux understands.  Any

(3) Once I find its exe format I think I can modify ld and related
utilities to write its format out.  Anything tricky here?

(4) I assume I can simulate running the code on SPIM?  Have you tried

(5) Are there any books that you found indispensable?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.  If I get the
target debugger running I'll give you guys a copy.  It may come in
handy doing remote debugging to your target.


Jim Burnes
The gPSX Project.

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