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FS question, FAQ question

Subject: FS question, FAQ question
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 16:37:56 -0700
Do I need to use NFS, or are the other file systems working?  If so,
can I just make a ext2fs disk (say 1G worth) on a Linux Intel box and
then use that disk to load the root file system, etc on the Linux/MIPS
box?  Or are the SCSI drivers not ready yet (I have a bog-standard
BusTek ISA controller in my box, as you may recall).

Also, has the FAQ been updated yet to include how to build (and more
importantly what to build) in the tool chain?  If that is not in
progress, I'll be happy to update it while I'm waiting for the
build(s) to complete...

Finally, the NT cross compiler is likely to be a no-go.  The win32 gcc
that is being distributed has no MIPS support, and I'd love to add
support to it, but know I don't have the time.  In addition, I no
longer have an NT bootable disk for the deskstation (since other
machines needed more disk).  Once I have a half way working Linux/MIPS
kernel, I'll have no reason to even think about NT again.  My cross
compiler platform is in the same room again as the Deskstation, so
that will likely suffice for the time being.


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