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Re: Greetings!

Subject: Re: Greetings!
From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 16:29:28 -0700
In-reply-to: Your message of Thu, 28 Dec 1995 21:09:52 +0100
: No, but see below ...


: I've got even better news for you:
: > Linux version 1.3.48 (ralf@rio) (gcc version 2.7.2) #1 Tue Dec 26 14:25:07 
: > VFS: Mounted root (nfs filesystem).

Cool.  That's two versions ahead of the last ones uploaded to fnet!  I
look forward to them being made available!  I'm hoping that now the
Acer is up, I can get the Deskstation stuff I did for 1.2 into 1.3.  I
never could get a good tree to diff against for reasons I still don't
fully understand, so I'm just going to do it over again.

: For all the people that are notorious benchmarkers here the results of
: Dhrystone (think it's version 1) running on a Acer Pica (R4400 133MHz)
: compiled with gcc 2.7.2 and -O3 optimization:
: > Dhrystone time for 100000000 passes = 373
: > This machine benchmarks at 268096 dhrystones/second

Alas, my machine is only a 100MHz box :-(.  I guess I'll have to
settle for speed that is just a little better than intel's P5@100MHz.
If I don't miss my guess, that means that my numbers should be about
496 for the time, and about 201575 per second, which is still a little
faster than your P5 :-).

: Unfortunately I found that glibc still is quite far from getting 100%
: compatible with the Linux libc which makes it sometimes a bit difficult to
: build software for Linux/MIPS.  Also the kernel is still relativly fragile
: so I didn't yet try to rebuild Linux/MIPS on a Linux/MIPS machine.  But I'm
: getting closer!

Cool.  Any idea when this stuff will be uploaded?

Also, where are the archives for this list.  I can't seem to find them
on, but I've not looked in the private directory.  Likely the
location of the archive is in the archive :-(.

The reason I want to look in the archive, is that I'd like to know
what the needed versions of everything is wrt to the tool chain.  I
think I need to rebuild my toolchain to make this all work (I have a
post 2.7.0, pre 2.7.1 snapshot right now), but couldn't find the mail
I wished I'd saved so went looking for the archives that aren't


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