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Re: Greetings!

Subject: Re: Greetings!
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 1995 14:01:01 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "Andreas Busse" at Dec 22, 95 12:44:09 pm
Hi everybody,

> I must admit that I did not contribute that much to the
> project in the last weeks. However, I've read all messages
> and know that there is progress! Great!
> I also have some news, although less technical:
> - the SGI project is still under work, and SGI's customer
>   plans to use Linux/MIPS as soon as possible. I'm not
>   sure if we can turn this into a monetary thing, but
>   we'll see.

Cool.  Really.  Apropos SGI.  Last week I've mailed with someone
from SGI.  He seemed to be really keen to port Linux to an Indy.

> - I received the signed contracts from SNI, and they 
>   promised me a brand new RM200 for mid January. I also
>   was asked if we were interested to port Linux/MIPS to
>   the RM300 and RM400 boxes... Guess we are :-)

Oh god ...   An RM400 will be fun.  Multiprocessor R4400MC and ready
for R10000k.  This thing will give me much headache ...  But anyway
Linux should at least almost ready for the R10000.  With no silicon
but just a manual this is all just pure theory but the thought that
we might have the fastest Linuxmachines in the next spring ...  (Dream ...)

> - The german distributor of the YARD SQL server for Linux
>   contacted me -- he heard from SNI that Linux/MIPS will run
>   on RM200 boxes too. I promised to keep him informed.

This is my catchword - I've got a demo version of Yard from a SNI
demo CD-ROM.  Conforming to the MIPS ABI Yard is big endian software.

Because of this byte order problem with ABI software I've talked to Linus
about a bi-endian kernel.  He didn't really like the idea of having
bi-endian support in the kernel but nevertheless the idea seems to be
promising.  Maybe someone of you feel likes hacking that stuff?  Of
course the Lookheed people will have it easier to run ABI stuff.  They have
a big endian board and the fact that I've cloned the IRIX kernel & ABI
interfaces as far as possible without real documentation opens a excellent
way for binary compatibility with their machines.

> - On a rather inofficial way I heard that SNI plans to
>   ship RM200 boxes together with Linux/MIPS. Not confirmed
>   by SNI yet, but who knows what will happen.


Well, I'll now finally leave from the university to the Black Forest.
Friends that I haven't seen for months, parties, skiing (yeah!) and
probably not so much mips-ing ...


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