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Re: More gcc errors...

Subject: Re: More gcc errors...
From: "Michael Laird" <>
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 1995 14:51:54 -0500
In-reply-to: Andreas Busse <> "Re: More gcc errors..." (Dec 8, 7:29pm)
References: <>
On Dec 8,  7:29pm, you wrote:
> Huh? I guess the AS you refer to is the i486-AS. This is of course not
> the one used to make libgcc2.a for Mips.

I didn't realize that at first; Ralf pointed it out to me.  But then I did
install binutils-2.5.2-6 and configured them for mips-linuxelf.  They are
installed in /usr/local/mips-linuxelf/bin.

After I got binutils installed correctly, I went back to
/usr/local/src/gcc-2.7.0 and did a "make distclean" and "./configure", and then
tried another make.  The make died in the same place as before; it looks like
./xgcc is still calling the wrong 'as', even though it knows to use the right
version of 'ar'.

>From looking at the INSTALL file with gcc-2.7.0, it sounds like I may have to
make libgcc1.a by hand somehow.  Is this correct?  Or should I just be able to
type `make CC="gcc -m486" CLFAGS=....' in the gcc directory and have it
automatically call the cross-assembler and archiver to make libgcc1.a?

Thanks for bearing with my continual questions!  You have been very helpful.


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