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Re: gcc error

To: (Michael Laird)
Subject: Re: gcc error
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 1995 09:03:16 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "Michael Laird" at Dec 7, 95 11:06:19 am

> Hello list (and especially Ralf):
> I was just compiling gcc-2.7.0 for mips-linuxelf, and ran into the following
> error:
>         gcc.c:532: `CPP_PREDEFINES' undeclared here (not in a function)
>         make: *** [gcc.o] Error 1
> I dug into gcc.c and found that it includes the following files:
>       1. config.h:
>               a. i386/xm-linux.h:
>                       1. i386/xm-i386.h:
>                               a. tm.h:
>                                       1. mips/linux.h:
>                                          Ralf wrote this file, and it defines
>                                          CPP_PREDEFINES
>                                               a. mips/mips.h
>                                                  #ifndef CPP_PREDEFINES
>                                                  #define CPP_PREDEFINES "..."
>                                               b. linux.h:
>                                                       1. svr4.h
>                                                          This file #undef's
>                                                          CPP_PREDEFINES!!!
>                       2. xm-linux.h
> So it looks like mips/linux.h is properly setting CPP_PREDEFINES, mips/mips.h
> is leaving CPP_PREDEFINES alone because it is already defined, but then svr4.h
> is *undefining* CPP_PREDEFINES!
> So what is the solution?  Should svr4.h be included earlier in mips/linux.h so
> that CPP_PREDEFINES is defined after svr4.h is processed?  Or should svr4.h be
> skipped in linux.h?

Sorry, I never compiled the big endian configuration.  It just takes to long
on my 486/33 (Donations accepted :-)  For a quick fix it should be sufficient
to move the define in linux.h down to the end of the file.

About including svr4 - I have to override lots of definitions from svr4
because MIPS svr4 systems are a bit different often.  When I've got nothing
else left do I'll one day clean up that file in a way that it won't use the
svr4 stuff any more.

Hope that helps & thanks for the bug report,


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