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Re: Re[3]: Linux/MIPS

Subject: Re: Re[3]: Linux/MIPS
From: Systemkennung Linux <>
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 11:14:08 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "Ulrich Drepper" at Dec 4, 95 06:34:26 pm

> > > Actually libc 4.x is dead. I'm working on a GNU libc port.  Just have some
> > > more days patience until I release working port of the GNU libc.
> > 
> > Could you give us some extra details on this?  I have been working on
> > the Linux/SPARC libc port and I'm using 4.x as my base for coding.  Is
> > there any reason to choose the GNU libc instead of the Linux/Libc 5.x?
> Perhaps it's me who should answer.  I convinced Ralf to switch to GNU
> libc and I also wanted to talk to some Sparc people (but haven't found
> an address).
> Let me repeat the pros:
> -  the sources are much cleaner

Saying it in Newlanguage - doubleplus agreed!

> -  Roland McGrath is a full-time maintainer for the FSF; he gets paid
>    for keeping the libc working (I don't want to say that non-professional
>    libc maintainers, HJ etc, are not as good), but it might be a bit more
>    reliable
> - the glibc is already working on many systems (among them MIPS ,
>   i386, and *Sparc*) so you can benefit from this a lot.
> -  HJ Lu is now working with us and so Linux libc will be dead some day
> I hope Ralf can confirm this.  He is working on glibc for some weeks
> now and most of his porting is finding the correct files in the glibc
> tree.

Absolutly correct.  While it took me quite some time to bring H.J. Lu's
libc into a state that I allowed it to compile user programms, it was
much easier to do the same thing for the GNU libc.

One of the core problems with H.J. Lu's sources is that he often didn't
really think about portability of his sources.  I had to use lots of
sources from the BSD 4.4 libc, MACH and older GNU libcs just to make
HJ's stuff working.

> If you have interest please contact me.  You can have access to the
> development tree if you also want to switch to glibc.

Another argument might also be that the Debian project intends to switch
to the GNU libc after 1.0 or so.

Of course not everything is better but in comparison of the both libcs
I much prefer the GNU one.  If you've once ported a HJ libc and know all
the whistles, bells & traps of GNU make you won't have very much trouble
switching to the GNU libc.  Where the HJ's libc has advantages they're
melting like snow in the desert since some people like Ulrich stopped
to work for it and commiting their changes back to the GNU libc.


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